A New Essay Collection Edited by Mathewson


Apparently Harley P. Mathewson is readying his edition of various essays by joiners, titled “The Not Feeble-Minded: Essays on Joining, Not Joining, Not Not Joining, Pies, Pants, Scottie Pippen and All Other Things Joinish.”  The book supposedly features classic essays from notable proto-joiners, such as Benjamin Franklin, as well as current writers, including a heretofore unpublished piece by David Foster Wallace, titled “Consider Why There Are So Many Feeble Minds,” a work Mathewson calls “provocative.”   Mathewson specifically wanted to say this about the collection: “It’s not for feeble minds.”

Mathewson also sent us his first draft of the Introduction:

“This is a book of essays for the not feeble-minded.  That means it’s not for scholars or little people.  What else am I supposed to say here?  Well how do you turn this damn dictation machine off?  Oh I don’t know.  I clicked that already!  Why won’t it just stop?  Goddammit!”