The Black List

This year’s Black List, the Hollywood guide to the best unproduced screenplays, has been released, and it has revealed some mixed news.

The top script according to the list, which surely signals that the entire list must be worthless, is:

1. The Muppet Man, by Christopher Weekes: “The life and times of the late Jim Henson (pictured), the man behind Sesame Street and The Muppets.”

Upon learning this, Harley P. Mathewson declared Weekes a non-joiner for daring to write a biopic of the ultimate non-joiner Jim Henson, one of Mathewson’s arch enemies.  Still, it remains promising news that the film has not yet been produced.

Mathewson said that he had also written a screenplay–this one was more “true-to-life,” he insisted.  It is titled “The Muppet Douche: The Life and Times of the Probably Homosexual and Certainly Trite, Dishonest and Slimy Jim Henson.”  Mathewson has not found a distributor or producer as of yet, though allegedly he is forming a production company, called J. Duo Films, to be owned by the ominous Doomsday Group.

We will keep all joiners posted with updates on both films.

UPDATE 12/24: Mathewson has said he has retitled his screenplay about Henson.  He is now calling it, “Hands Up Asses: The Jim Henson Story”