Jim Henson

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Jim Henson

Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets, is one of the most notable non-joiners, was a longtime friend of Harley P. Mathewson. They met at drug-infested puppet show, and became fast friends. Eventually, however, they would have a dispute culminating in one of the darkest periods for the JUOD Movement.

Henson as a Joiner

Sometime in the late 1950s, Mathewson apparently met Jim Henson at a drug-infested puppet show. Henson had been working on nascent version of what would later become the Muppets. Mathewson had been making elaborate full-sized puppets out of dead scholars. Supposedly the Proposition was given to Henson after Mathewson was offered a 30-minute puppet show to present to the entire festival, but didn't have enough dead scholars to fill out his cast. Henson readily agreed, and the two put on a well-received show. As with many other things, Mathewson quickly lost interest in puppets, but continued his friendship with Henson. Reportedly, Mathewson helped write some skits and characters of what would eventually become "The Muppet Show." Mathewson claims to have come up with the idea for the characters of Statler and Waldorf, the two old hecklers. Reportedly, before Henson was declared a non-joiner, he and Mathewson had talked of doing a movie with the two characters, tenatively titled, "Statler and Waldorf Say Fuck You," though this probably would not have been the eventual title because of the profanity. Even though Henson was already declared a non-joiner, Mathewson later called 1979's "The Muppet Movie" "damned funnier than even the Iranian hostage crisis, or the presidency of Jimmy Carter."

On Becoming A Non-Joiner

A one-time friend of Mathewson, Henson became his archenemy on August 11, 1969. During their bi-weekly game of Candy Land, Mathewson drew an Uno Draw-4 Wild card from the deck and claimed he could then advance to the King of Candy Land square and thus win the game. Henson, whose muppetry skills had granted him immunity to this level of deception, called "shenanigans" on Mathewson. When confronted, Mathewson cited "house rules" in spite of the fact that he was in Henson's home at the time. Henson also pointed this out to Mathewson, who immediately declared him a non-joiner. Henson, having been a long-time joiner was able to resist the immediate onset of death and survived an unprecedented 7,583 days (approximately 21 years). Scholars have postulated Mathewson's unhappiness at this time may have been due to the ongoing issues with the breakup of The Beatles.

On May 16, 1990 while Henson was suffering from non-joining induced pneumonia, he mustered his last ounce of strength to place Henson's Curse upon Mathewson. This ushered in a new period of darkness for the JUOD Movement.