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Welcome to the JUOD Wiki.

Here you will find all manner of articles pertaining to joining, and also not dying. There may even be a few death-related articles, for the sake of juxtaposition. But they say you write what you know, and around here we know about joining.

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This is a wiki; anyone can edit it. Please do. But be warned, adding intentional misinformation may be construed as a grievous act against the JUOD Movement, and result in certain death.

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New Canadianese is a language invented by Harley P. Mathewson, most likely sometime during his time with J.R.R. Tolkien at Oxford. Since, presumably, few actually speak the language (or, as Mathewson claims, there are only few on the planet "without feeble minds"), its definitive structure is unknown.

There are some definitive known rules of the language, however, which have mostly been culled from performances of Big Fight Amongst the Sparklies:

  • The language contains no two words meaning the same thing. Thus, unlike many other world languages, there are very few homonyms—the only ones being words that are pronounced similary but orthographically different. Mathewson has been a quest, however, to have them stricken from the language.
  • Further, there are no tenses, but rather new words for each tense. An example: the New Candianese conjugation (if one may call it that) for the verb "to have" involves some 12 different words (thus, for "I have" or "she had" or "they will have" requires a completely new word). Each is unrelated in spelling and wholly unlike others of the same root.
  • Like Latin, New Canadianese' nouns, adjectives and adverbs are all declined according to their grammatical function in the sentence. Unlike like Latin, however, there is no standard formula or method for ascertaining these declensions—instead, whole new forms of each word is used according to sentence.
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  • Euromotion is a time traveling band from the year 3012. They spent a considerable amount of time in the 2000s spreading their message of dance, love, and the value of Pythagoras' theorem. In 2003 they released an LP entitled Get Serious and in 2004 the EP Euromotion is Coming.
  • Little People or dwarves, or, as Harley P. Mathewson calls them, munchkins are the shorter people of the world, disdained often by Mathewson because of their height. The JUOD founder declared them as such after The Great Lollipop Massacre, whereupon he obtained Bubble Travel. Asked for a reason why the tall Mathewson would hate short people, he said, "Oh beats me. How should I know?"
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