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A non-joiner is one who has been issued The Proposition and foolishly chosen death rather than joining. This term does not distinguish between those who have only just chosen death, and those to whom swift release from this mortal coil has already been admitted. Such a term is hardly necessary, since the time between choice of death and death administration is normally quite short. Indeed, the famous joiner Harley P. Mathewson perhaps stated this fact best, in his series of poetic novellas:

Ne'er a Conundrum has ever Been!

Of Puzzlement o'er whether an Anti-join'r still walks
Upon the Plane of Mortal Men, or has prior been cast down
To the Fiery End awaiting him. For One needs wait
But a Moment's while,

Till the latter State can safely be assumed.
The Verities of Joining, Volume III, "Death Lays Waste"